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I would just like to ask you guys out there...  were you always good at remembering your dreams? 
Have you ever faced something that was chasing you?
And then talked to it.
Do you know when your dreaming?

I used to be so good at dreaming when I was a kid.  I could materialize things out of thin air because I knew it was a dream.

I would like to get back  to that status....

Last night I faced a nightmare, I pet this crazy bear/racoon that has been chasing me in my dreams for about a year...  and make a long story short he dissapeared and I felt so relieved after words...

The Dreamsbox & Sinsbox Projects | share dreams and sins


I was on blinklist and saw the following article about dreamsbox.com and sinsbox.com. Since its revelant to this community, I thought I would share it:

"2 documentation projects emerged this month to spearhead a new push in the Web 2.0 era for simplicity. The Dreamsbox (http://www.dreamsbox.com) Project seeks to document the world's dreams, allowing for anonymous posting of dreams along with the creations of free personal dream diaries. The Sinsbox Project (http://www.sinsbox.com) seeks to document sins and secrets, allowing for anonymous confessions and submissions of expressional art. Both projects allow for a unique rating system..."

Both projects are actually pretty addictive and fun. I love the fact that they're simple to use but their design kinda suck and sinsbox.comis a bit too dark and scandalous for me but nonetheless i'm addicted. As it turns out the guy who started the 2 projects went to school with me back in the days! Now I guess he's an internet junkie. haha! Anyways, please spread words about these 2 projects to friends and family if you can through word of mouth or through your own postings. In general, I just think that these two projects are very decent in terms of what they're trying to do. Read the "about" page to learn how cool these people are.
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Last few nights, I've been having really intense and odd dreams.

For instance, a few nights back myself and this bloke where training a horse by a stream when we became aware of a spy from France in the woods. We rushed over the bridge, through the chute and away before we realised that we were in fact running from [info]bekkypk and that the guy who I was with was her boyfriend. So we had to pull her through the chute into England. I got the impression that she didn't like France very much.

Then, I was in jail. Lying on a flat surface and visualising an ambulance. I told the guard that the person in the ambulance was not part of the insurgency, and he walked out to inform his colleagues. A man with the face of a rat scurried away at the news, annoyed that the other guard's sources were faster and more reliable than his. I got the impression that I was in a dark jail miles underground. We were so cut off from the world that some of the guards had taken on the souls of rats, whereas other guards had allied more to the prisoners and remained Human.

I was an old man who had spent decades in jail. But, I had access to The Dream Machine. A kind of holographic field which granted me ultimate freedom and access to all information. I was using it to drink beer served by a big-breasted Bavarian bar-maid while watching giant oaks explode. However, one of the explosions was too strong, and it sent a ripple throughout the whole fabric of the Dream Machine.

We called a meeting of the three prisoners with access to the machine to discuss this problem. The other two had a master-apprentice relationship. But the master had aranged it so that we stood at the very corners of the conference room so that we couldn't launch any surprise attacks on each other. But this was not the way of my people. I brought the three of us into a scrum at the centre of the room and we discussed our problems.

It was decided that the apprentice could very easilly join the guards, it would be good to have someone we could trust in power, after all. He wasn't too keen on my plan, and for that and other reasons myself and the master decided to engage in some kind of test of our atheletic abilities.

A pool was set up, and the apprentice and their other allies turned up to support their side and insult or throw things at me. I was far older, not as strong as I once was. And soon the other person had taken the lead. But then, the room was filled with ghosts. People with the heads of hyenas. People with a dozen spears in their chest, decapitated monsters. These had been my friends and allies, but, over time they had all died. Propelled by a powerful psychic force, I won the race.

The master and his apprentice were somewhat in awe. I think that they had assumed I was some kind of an old loner. Now, surrounded by the dead they began to realise that some tragic event had occurred in my past that had left me like this.

I cleared up the skulls before the guards could get there, and the last thing I remember before waking up was telling the apprentice that "Once you've been friends with a Hyena, nothing anyone does to you seems so bad anymore." I hugged the hyena goodbye before the dream cut off.

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well, i joined this community a while ago but this is the first time i post. I usually have many dreams a night and remember many of them but this time i only had one and it was a little strange..especially toward the end... (two weeks ago)

I had a dream last night where i had telekinetic powers. So did a few of my cousins. Our entire family was at a beach and a few cousins and i were in a house by the beach just hanging out. We would try to close doors and open windows...move little things around.. it was pretty cool. Then they all got really tired and went to sleep.

I wasnt tired so i went outside.The sun was bright and the ocean was really crystal clear. The only weird thing is that when i went in the ocean it dragged me far out and had a strong current. As peaceful and clear as the water looked, it moved me really fast to where there were giant round black things. The giant black things just stayed underwater, motionless. I wasnt scared just annoyed that i couldnt go where i wanted. Finally i got out of the water, and when i went back to the house, my cousins woke up. It felt as though they had missed out on something.

dream 2 I had this dream two nights ago..

I remember walking in a murky lake. The water was up to my stomach. I was pulling a rowboat along side of me, and between me and the rowboat, there were two snakes. A red one and a blue one. They would swim with me, each taking turns poking their heads out of the water.

I was supposed to use a stick i had to push the stick in the water over their heads each time they went under water. It was supposed to be timed perfectly so i wouldnt hit either of their heads. I hit their heads twice by mistake and both times one would come up behind me and bite my jeans really hard. It was like if they punished me for making a mistake.

I was scared if they missed my jeans, they would get my flesh and seriously hurt me. I was also scared of walking in murky water. It was as if they were forcing me to walk through the murky water pullng the boat and everything. It was so strange..
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please help me interpret this dream

man I had a weird dream like two nights ago... all I really remember was it took place in what looked like a mayan ruin even though I couldn't tell it was mayan. There was me, another guy (have no idea who? Probably one of my good friends but I coudln't quite tell cause he wasn't important) and an asian female . I remember walking down these stairs and there were statue hands sticking out of the actual stairs like having to step over them. I remember thinking it had to do something with representing the dead and how they were boiled alive. I do remember BOIL... and all the rock statue hands sticking out. Then we got to the bottom and walked for a minute or two and all of a sudden it looked like all of these zombieish naked asian women (I only remember two or three actually) but they looked normal human, they just walked funny slouched over. Everybody was asian or mexican or something. I touched one of them (why I don't know..) and she turned to rock/stone/statue. Then the next one I saw I touched expecting her to turn into a rock, and she didn't turn. She said something in some weird language I couldn't nor do I remember how to repeat. The asian chick couldn't hear the zombie (I'm thinking she didn't even know it was there) I repeated it, and she said it had something to do with an imminent (or eminent) window.. I don't remember exactly what about it, but I think she said something like they came through it or will or something...

interpretation, please?

Entry posted in my LJ on October 18, 2004. Just curious what you might have to say about them. clericatrius recommended me to your site, as I am contstantly inflicting my unusual dreams on him! :)


It is good to dream again, wild, shifting dreams that have eluded me for the past few weeks. last night, so different, so pure, random collections of all the sundry sensory input I've received over the past few days...

The first dream about a stalker, whose eyes rattled around in his sockets, jaw unhinged, stalking a woman at work, then shifting his attentions to me. He resembled one of the homeless men downtown, unshaven and dirty, with a hint of madness in his stare, the feral hunger of a man obsessed. At my desk, i saw him in the lobby window behind me, and hid, like a child, in my sleeping bag of youth, waiting for my breathing to calm. He disappears, police soon swarming around the office, and Lisa G, a childhood friend, reporting to them that he's been after her for weeks now. I go home in the wintry evening, premature dark making the shadows seem extra blue, and realize he's followed me home in his black beat up Nova, and now sits outside my windows, disturbed energy reaching into me. Other are there with me, but not for long. All the windows are unlocked, I go in the brightness of all lights, closing and locking, until I come to the narrow set of oak french doors leading to the patio... and as I try to lock them, his hand, scaled with grease and dirt, appears on the wall in the dark - the fear making my hands shake, I cannot lock the doors. Then shift, I am watching the stalking unfold, the constant presence affecting the woman who was just me, the anger, the fear driving her into a madness of her own, a strange symbiotic need to be stalked, need for insane attention. She, in moments of clarity, puts a gun to the window and fires, leaded glass shattering over the balcony, deadly shrapnel destroying plants and the dark. She, in moments of madness, allows him to come close and brush her hair with his fingers in a crowd. He follows her everywhere, wears her down with his obsession. His presence like a viper, sliding closer to her composure, one scale at a time, one breath away from his possession. He becomes more human as the dream progresses. I awake for a moment, breathless and stricken with fear, struggling to wake from it.

Then, another dream:

In the mercurial shimmering ocean, every green tropical cliff before me filled with waterfalls, I, standing on the water far enough away to see the vast expanse of paradisaical island. I have never seen this island in the dreaming, but it smacks of familiarity, and I instantly know of it's inner hidden cities and where the crystal sparkling water springs forth. I fly into the shore, touch on the gemstone beaches, there are hundreds of people on the island, I can feel all of their shimmering life energies.

In the center of the island, from the main spring that flows up the cliffs and to the sea in hundreds of waterfalls, a water spout can be seen, spiraling white water into the sky, flashing crystal in the sun. This Cyclone, no matter the winds, is always there, keeping her terrible prominent warning hovering over the pale city. It is very obviously a female, cycling, circling, randomly destroying a house or shop around her, keeping the city dwellers and travelers wary of her beautiful and destructive presence.

I am beseeched as one who can speak to her, to call her away from the city that they may live in peace. This surprises me, as I come new to the shores, yet already I am honored as if the island is mine. I clear the beach of all bystanders, people now huddled in the lees of the great green and earthy cliffs before me, and dig my toes into the multi-colored sand. I call her to me, this great cyclonic force, this water spout of vast magnitude, to negotiate, to understand. She comes, like a great unblinking whirling eye, to descend snaking and weaving over me, vast magnificence spreading into the sky. I quake, but cover my fear with humility for her majestic sight. I speak to her, sing to her, cajole her into moving from the city. I offer her two magnetic rods, white and cunningly made, that allows her to bring forth water anywhere she desires. As we talk, my consciousness ranges over the island to find a suitable place for her to relocate. Outwardly, my talk is coy and unaffected. I espy a sacred grove, tunneled deep into the mountainous earth, a deep basin whose pools also brings the waterfalls to the edges of the coast. Known by only a few locals, its waters known for healing and powers of rejuvenation. I tell her of the place, bolster her fame and magnificence with promises that her strength could bring healing and worship, and this sacred grove would be more suited to her temperament, unpolluted by the filth of humankind. "The people will come to see your greatness," I coo, "as it is your greatness that will heal their souls. You will become revered beyond all else." She relents from the city, and takes position in the grove, the Sacred Keepers forewarned of their roles by telepathy from me. Already, the island rejoices, and the sick and lame make ready their pilgrimages to her healing waters.

I then transform to a middle aged korean man, whose wife is a scientist, studying the sea creatures that live amongst the cliffs, and find hidden passages and secret technologies within the cliff-faces, rooms and dwellings long forgotten by the island's inhabitants. Surprise and delight as i explore elevators and shining rooms, dusty from misuse, worlds of possibilities running through my head.

There was more but I awoke to my alarm buzzing, and has since been lost in the morning's distraction.

I have only the vaguest idea...

I had a really long dream 10/14/04

My dreams seem to move rather sequentially as I move from area to area often times with vast color changes in between. I don’t remember much of the first part of my dream but what I do remember is moving from a very grayish (like if you were to apply a colored filter over a movie you were watching/interacting with) urban type area that seemed to be very ghetto like. I remember a full size van parked along the way with a tall picket fence that was tight together that I couldn’t see over. It was lined up with a box shaped depression about the size of a garage. As I travel down the street, I come to a house I may or may not be familiar with, but weird thing is I have a friend (his energy signature reminds me of my friend Raphael) and we enter. Inside is very neutral colored so it’s a change from the deep gray that is outside. We meet this guy inside who basically seems to be a drug dealer. My friend and he exchange some conversation for a bit that I remember seeing but not hearing. Part of their dealing is that he will sell him cannabis(?) at a discount if he brings back the bag it was sold in if it’s within a two weeks of when he sold it – I assume for tracing and disposable reasons. The next part of the dream gets really weird. After making some gestures that ask what I think is do you trust your friend (me), the guy that is selling the stuff says “Ya know that problem I’ve been having with growing the stuff? I finally found a solution, but we need to go out back.” He tells me to lock the front door, and they go out the back and I was reluctant to follow, but I did as I had no place else to go. We step out back and the entire scene changes to a very powerful green, not dark nor too light, but rightly balanced. What I see in front of me at least I think at first is a giant pool with a huge tarp over it (first thought is he is growing his stuff underneath the pool) doesn’t turn out to be true. They trudge on ahead and just walk over the pool as it transitions into a really deep sinking marshy terrain. No trees though. As I watch them go through this area I start to follow, I had the thought that I would have to swim through this area even though it didn’t seem like it, so I took off one of my socks (I was wearing only socks) to prepare to follow but they had both of theirs on so I figured it was probably best to follow their example. I put my sock back on and started trudging across this pool and the next thing that happens is I start swimming with a subtle color change (turns a slight bluish green – still more green though). We come to this multi-roomed (with dual entrances) to an underwater shack – I am pretty sure these entrances are to the same place but to different areas, I don’t know which room to enter to follow my companions as I wasn’t looking at them when they entered. I start to swim forward and then wake up.

Draem about soliders and war

My dream:

I was on a large tropic island in what looked liked a beautiful white house with a large balcony facing the ocean. There was a war going on all around me. Men were shooting all around me. The wind was blowing a gentle breeze that made my white and blue sun dress move under me. All of the sudden, my cousin Adam appeared next to me. He said he needed me to fight and handed me a gun. Our enemies were moving towards the house quickly. Adam was shooting at the fiercely. The gun Adam had given me was a sniper rifle. I turned around, not facing our enemies, but facing the house. There was a mirror in front of me. I looked into it and pointed the gun back toward our enemies. Without looking at them, but into the mirror instead, I pointed my gun and focused directly began to shot. Men were going down left and right. Adam praised me for all the good shooting I was doing. I then noticed a beautiful unknown solider. When I shot, I missed. He didn’t go down. He kept coming towards me. I ran into the house and locked myself inside. Two other people (a man and a young woman) that I didn’t recognize were sitting on a couch in the sun room of the huge house. They were talking amongst themselves when I shouted rather abruptly that I knew I what I needed to do. I closed my eyes, let down my dress, took a pocket knife from out of my purse and pressed it against my stomach. I then began to pray to God, asking him what path I should take. As I prayed, my knife moved against my bare stomach. The knife cute into me but I didn’t bleed. It only made out a red symbol. I asked the two unknown people to look at what I had just carved into my stomach. They said it was a picture of a house down the beach. I traveled to the other beach house immediately. My mother was there with her car. In the car was my baby sister. My cousin was standing besides the car. All of the sudden, a large war jeep came crashing in. I looked inside the window; it was the beautiful unknown solider. He was trying to crash into my mom’s car, trying to make it explode. I placed myself between both cars and with unknown strength, I stopped them fro colliding. The unknown solider limped out of the jeep. He looked hurt. He struggled towards my cousin with a knife. I ran over to the solider, cry hard. I bent down and grabbed his legs. I told him how much I had missed him. I struggled up to stand. I looked him in the eye and began to hug him. To my surprise, he hugged me back. He embraced me with his warm and caring arms. The sun started to set, and he kissed me. The kiss was tender and passionate. Everyone else around us disappeared. Now it was only me and my unknown solider. We walked away into the sunset. That’s when I woke up.

Please tell me what you think. Thanks!
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so i was dreaming. it was valentine's day so i bought myself a rose, you could also eat the rose cus it was a cookie too. then me and carrie bradshaw (the sex and the city character) were walking across a car park where there were crowds of people watching a solar eclipse. the eclipse was speeded up and repeting, and one person was watching it as a reflection, with his back towards it. then i got to my home (surrey) and my sister and her ex were in my sitting room trying to get MTV on my terrestrial setup. then my sister was crying and i woke up.