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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 11:37 pm Interesting ice cream dream
I had another dream while I was napping today. Here is what I can remember:

I'm at an ice cream shop. The person working the counter is none other than my bosses son. Although his son is younger than me, I consider him a friend because he is friendly and helpful at work. Before I buy any ice cream, I decided to sample the different flavores. Most of the flavores consist of fruit. After trying all of the different samples, I decided that I was a cup of half lemon and half orange. When I get my ice cream my mom shows up. She is there to take me home. I find this odd considering that I have been driving for a long time and can't remember the last time my mom and I were in the same car together. We get back to the house, yet it doesn't look like my house. The place we are looks more like an open field. My step-dad and brother show up. My step dad and mother start to argue because she forgot to get something. I continue to eat my ice cream, however I find it hard to actually taste what I'm eating.

End dream

I would also like to give a stab at picking apart dreams. I too have many books on the subject.
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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 01:47 am (no subject)
Hi, I joined this comunity because Chris had mentioned something about it when I made a post about troubling dreams. It looks as though there are no entries as of yet so I hope this isn't a problem.

My dream(s)-

Dream one:

I find myself in highschool on the day of my graduation. However, I look older than a typical highschooler and my highschool looks more like a university. I am sorrounded by people I don't remember going to school with in real life. Not only is this my graduation but also my wedding day. I am in a beautiful white wedding dress. All of my other class mates are in tuxes and brides maids dresses. I am getting ready to marry a friend of mine named Andy. I have never had feelings for andy. We barely see each other anymore in real life. Before I get married, I decide that I do not want to marry him, so I run away. In the process of running I meet up with my current boyfriend in real life. He looks very sad. I try to escape the wedding but everywhere I go, people seem to be following me/chasing me. There is a time lapse and I find myself in the same building two days later. People continue to ask me why I avoided the wedding. I have no answer.

End dream one

Dream Two:

My ex boyfriend, my current boyfriend and myself are on a hanger, inside of a tall building, 200 feet above ground. The building itself is very open yet dark. The walls are very surreal. There is a band playing music at the bottom of the building. My ex boyfriend decides that he would like to be closer so he jumps off the hanger and crashed to the ground. I am worried for his saftey and decided that I need to go down in order to save him. When I jump off of the hanger, I do not fall, but I float as if I were some kind of angel or powerful being. When I reach the bottom, I go to my ex boyfriend and touch him. Touching becomes kissing, and kissing becomes passionate sex. We continue having sex even when my current boyfriend and my ex boyfriends current girlfriend is watching. The kissing and passionate sex feels wonderful. I do not care how my current boyfriend feels.

End dream two.

I need help. When I woke up, I felt very weird about my dreams. Please help me.
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