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Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 02:11 pm (no subject)
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well, i joined this community a while ago but this is the first time i post. I usually have many dreams a night and remember many of them but this time i only had one and it was a little strange..especially toward the end... (two weeks ago)

I had a dream last night where i had telekinetic powers. So did a few of my cousins. Our entire family was at a beach and a few cousins and i were in a house by the beach just hanging out. We would try to close doors and open windows...move little things around.. it was pretty cool. Then they all got really tired and went to sleep.

I wasnt tired so i went outside.The sun was bright and the ocean was really crystal clear. The only weird thing is that when i went in the ocean it dragged me far out and had a strong current. As peaceful and clear as the water looked, it moved me really fast to where there were giant round black things. The giant black things just stayed underwater, motionless. I wasnt scared just annoyed that i couldnt go where i wanted. Finally i got out of the water, and when i went back to the house, my cousins woke up. It felt as though they had missed out on something.

dream 2 I had this dream two nights ago..

I remember walking in a murky lake. The water was up to my stomach. I was pulling a rowboat along side of me, and between me and the rowboat, there were two snakes. A red one and a blue one. They would swim with me, each taking turns poking their heads out of the water.

I was supposed to use a stick i had to push the stick in the water over their heads each time they went under water. It was supposed to be timed perfectly so i wouldnt hit either of their heads. I hit their heads twice by mistake and both times one would come up behind me and bite my jeans really hard. It was like if they punished me for making a mistake.

I was scared if they missed my jeans, they would get my flesh and seriously hurt me. I was also scared of walking in murky water. It was as if they were forcing me to walk through the murky water pullng the boat and everything. It was so strange..
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