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Oct. 9th, 2004 @ 03:10 am (no subject)
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Date:October 17th, 2004 05:57 pm (UTC)

Part II

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Then in the car as a family unit; Your boyfriend, his elderly relative, your brother, Parents and panda-girl. To see your boyfriend probably represents your waking relationship with him, he does not seem to do much in your dream and you describe how you wished to speak with him near the end but are unable to. So he is present but perhaps you feel as though you need to engage with him more but for whatever reason you find that hard to achieve. Your brother, similarly, does not appear to do that much in your dream but again as with boyfriends, siblings and the way they behave in our dreams are often just mirrors of how we feel about them in real life so judging by how elusive he was in this dream perhaps you don’t feel as though you can relate to him or maybe he holds little significance in the dream other than to serve as part of the backdrop. The elderly relative is too vague a description so I can't say for certain what this means but if it was an old lady perhaps the grandmother of your boyfriend then this would represent nurture and protection also unconditional love but I wouldn’t read too much in to that. Far more interesting was the role played by this panda-girl come blond beauty. For me she symbolised your need to find your feminine side, and the blond element may reveal your need to get more excitement out of your life. This was emphasised more so with the kiss on the neck and the cuddling you spoke about, when you cuddle someone in your dream it is because you wish for more physical contact and affection. I know you said that you thought she was your boi but I am guessing that your mind was aware of what she was and what she meant to you at that time. You were simply embracing your more femininity. As for the metamorphosis she makes in to a panda this is a common dream anomaly and is consistent with your childhood connections I talked about earlier as pandas are cuddly and soft, perhaps she was more like a teddy bear rather than an actual panda? Then finally we have your parents. As I mentioned earlier regarding your father your parents are often synonymous with dependence but also security, power, shelter and love. But this first section of the dream before we get to the school is more about unity and family values I think, taking a journey together.

To dream of being in a school can often signify feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. It may also serve as a metaphor for your learning lessons in life and growing in to adulthood. Yet at the same time you describe this old wooden interior. When I look up wood in my dictionaries I find: dead, emotionless and discarded so perhaps this is how you feel about your school life as if it is now firmly in the past but as a symbol this didn’t really stand out to me as being all that relevant so disregard it if you don’t think it is consistent with how you actually feel.

It is at this point that the dream seems to pick up a bit and you describe how it is morning which would mean that you are thinking of a new beginning and a fresh start. I like the way that panda-girl almost acts as your shadow at this point, following you to the window; that symbol of hope and potential in life. Then two other positive elements when you see yourself topless which often indicates your ability to show love and to invite love from others and then you wrap your arms around yourself which says to me that you want to love yourself or at leased take care of yourself. You then find yourself jogging through the twisty corridors. Whether or not you can jog in real life is really neither here nor there, this is dream world so anything goes and when we jog in our dreams it is there to represent a steady progress, in this case a slow but controlled movement through a corridor which signifies a struggle to get somewhere, much like the road you imagined earlier. It is a passage way to get you from one place to another and the fact it is twisty says a lot about the way you feel about achieving your goals.