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Oct. 5th, 2004 @ 10:30 am Draem about soliders and war
My dream:

I was on a large tropic island in what looked liked a beautiful white house with a large balcony facing the ocean. There was a war going on all around me. Men were shooting all around me. The wind was blowing a gentle breeze that made my white and blue sun dress move under me. All of the sudden, my cousin Adam appeared next to me. He said he needed me to fight and handed me a gun. Our enemies were moving towards the house quickly. Adam was shooting at the fiercely. The gun Adam had given me was a sniper rifle. I turned around, not facing our enemies, but facing the house. There was a mirror in front of me. I looked into it and pointed the gun back toward our enemies. Without looking at them, but into the mirror instead, I pointed my gun and focused directly began to shot. Men were going down left and right. Adam praised me for all the good shooting I was doing. I then noticed a beautiful unknown solider. When I shot, I missed. He didn’t go down. He kept coming towards me. I ran into the house and locked myself inside. Two other people (a man and a young woman) that I didn’t recognize were sitting on a couch in the sun room of the huge house. They were talking amongst themselves when I shouted rather abruptly that I knew I what I needed to do. I closed my eyes, let down my dress, took a pocket knife from out of my purse and pressed it against my stomach. I then began to pray to God, asking him what path I should take. As I prayed, my knife moved against my bare stomach. The knife cute into me but I didn’t bleed. It only made out a red symbol. I asked the two unknown people to look at what I had just carved into my stomach. They said it was a picture of a house down the beach. I traveled to the other beach house immediately. My mother was there with her car. In the car was my baby sister. My cousin was standing besides the car. All of the sudden, a large war jeep came crashing in. I looked inside the window; it was the beautiful unknown solider. He was trying to crash into my mom’s car, trying to make it explode. I placed myself between both cars and with unknown strength, I stopped them fro colliding. The unknown solider limped out of the jeep. He looked hurt. He struggled towards my cousin with a knife. I ran over to the solider, cry hard. I bent down and grabbed his legs. I told him how much I had missed him. I struggled up to stand. I looked him in the eye and began to hug him. To my surprise, he hugged me back. He embraced me with his warm and caring arms. The sun started to set, and he kissed me. The kiss was tender and passionate. Everyone else around us disappeared. Now it was only me and my unknown solider. We walked away into the sunset. That’s when I woke up.

Please tell me what you think. Thanks!
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Date:October 9th, 2004 03:52 pm (UTC)

Sorry it took so long hun

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Your dreams are so vivid and lifelike it’s almost as though you could turn them in to a series of short stories. You also remember them very well. I had a bit of difficulty with this one simply because it contains an orgy of symbols. I mean there are so many lol but I got there in the end.

The whole story, which has a very clear narrative, takes place on an Island which, in this context, could well symbolise isolation and solitude; we often here the phrase ‘being stranded on an island somewhere’. To imagine yourself wearing a dress in your dreams often describes your femininity and would suggest you enjoy showing your feminine side. This has been shown in one of your other dreams that you posted here before, the white wedding dress as I recall. And then we have the house; to see a house often represents the self, usually particular rooms will reveal aspects of our psyche. In particular you have identified the balcony which usually denotes unpleasant news of absent friends (according to one of my resources!), that would certainly be consistent with the war element. The mirror sums up this first section for me, to see yourself in a mirror often reveals your self perception and the way you want others to see you, you might feel proud of the way you are and the mirror was your way of recognising that, that was perhaps why you were looking in to the mirror while you were shooting. Alternatively when we see mirrors in our dreams it can be because you want to change something about ourselves and certain aspects of our personality.

This dream is violent, the sniper rifle for instance is a very precise weapon of choice, it could be your mind’s way of telling you that you need to express your anger in a more controlled way. Guns can be quite phallic but I don’t think so in this case, this is more about aggression and the need for more power. You describe this war scene so well, right down to the ‘gentle breeze’, I don’t think there is much to be taken from the pictorial qualities but it is important to note that the weather didn’t appear to be harsh or stormy, often the weather can reflect a general feeling so I imagine the breeze denoted a small, calm flow of energy, since wind often symbolises force and vigour. This war didn’t appear to be chaotic or disordered either as most wars often are, you seemed fairly efficient at defeating your enemy, all except one that is, nevertheless it could signify that you have been through a few conflicts recently or it might symbolise your struggle with the rest of the world (we saw that with the running away from the wedding), as though you feel you have to protect yourself from attacks. Finally your cousin; they often represent a part of your character that is familiar, when we see other people in our dreams it is because we need to encompass something about their personality in to our own. The cousin is the perfect example of this, particularly in your dream where he handed you your gun and you fought together. It was significant that he praised you for your shooting too.

To be continued...
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Date:October 9th, 2004 03:52 pm (UTC)

Part 2, it wouldn't fit in to one comment lol

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Then you discover this mysterious unknown soldier. To see a soldier in your dream denotes your staunch attitudes and how you may impose yourself on others. It may be a symbol of preparing to go in to battle but there is something about him, he seems to be familiar like he could be someone you used to be close to. Alas you ran away and lock yourself in the sun room. The sun symbolizes happiness and enlightenment, it also denotes energy and power. This tells us more about the events that took place in the sun room while you locked yourself away as next you discovered these two strangers. I think these are archetypal dream helpers, we often find people in our dreams whom we do not recognise but who seem to play an important role in helping us understand something or how to get somewhere (this comes from a situation in real life where we may approach someone in the street and ask them for the time or for directions.) The next part about praying to God will vary depending on whether you are a religious person or not. If I am to assume that you are Christian then I would say you were praying because you are uncertain of what to do or where to go in your life and you need answers or some form of help and guidance. God is a powerful symbol, he is untouchable and all knowing he is a symbol of perfection. What happened next was really interesting because we then see another weapon, this time a pocket knife which usually signifies anger and aggression but, as with the sniper rifle, I don’t think that the traditional interpretation applies because of the way you used it. The knife became an instrument of creativity, I am assuming it was under God’s control and that it was he who drew the picture of the house on to your stomach. This wasn’t self-harm or violent in any way because you mentioned nothing of pain and there was no blood. Your body was used as a canvas with which to express a message from God to these strangers, really fascinating and I would be guessing that you are a religious person or spiritual at any rate.

Your dream then takes a surreal turn. We have a sort of family reunion similar to the one in your other dream where you were in a field. Your mother, sister and cousin all there but I don’t think they were reflecting a part of your personality this time because you found yourself trying to protect them from this soldier. I really don’t know what to make of the events that unfolded because I don’t know if this soldier is not representative of someone else you see, perhaps an old boyfriend or even your current boyfriend but he certainly represents a more aggressive natured person and you show this super-human strength in protecting your family from this aggression. You still have a loyalty towards your family but at the same time you clearly care for this soldier whoever he is. Finally a sunset symbolises an ending or a feeling of finality, like a period of rest or renewal.

Your dreams are very revealing and strong. They contain a multitude of symbols usually cantering around your relationships and your struggle against the world and where to go with your life. I loved this dream, I have probably read it a dozen times since you posted it. If you have any other questions about this interpretation please feel free to ask.
Date:October 9th, 2004 04:50 pm (UTC)

Re: Part 2, it wouldn't fit in to one comment lol

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you are AMAZING! Thank you so much!